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Jeff R. McGowan

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Jeff R. McGowan has taught high school Social Studies for twenty-three years. He is the author of two volumes of lessons (The Social Studies Helper: World and U.S. History), 7 Principles of a Top-Notch Class: What Great Teachers Understand (Coming soon...), and an award-winning novel, Confessions of a Cloak Artist. His goal is to help others be better teachers, writers, and students. His books, lessons, blog-posts, videos, and tutoring services are offered for this purpose.

Classroom Lecture

 If you're a middle or a high school Social Studies teacher, you're going to love these lessons!  Hit Free Lessons below to see a full Table of Contents (for both Volumes: World & U.S. History), the Introduction (which explains how & why they work), and 8 free downloadable lessons so you can try them for yourself. Enjoy!

-How to write a top-notch college entrance essay
-How to be a top-notch student
    -How to create a Top-Notch Class
Computer Class
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