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Writing with Pen

For students

1. How to Write a Top-Notch College Entrance Essay & Hone Your Writing Skills For College and Beyond...

2. How To Be a Top-Notch Student. Learn a Methodology that, if Followed, Will Maximize Success.

For TeachERS

How To Create a Top-Notch Class Through a 7 Principle System.

Male Teacher with Students

For students

College Entrance Essay/Writing Skills.

We will together go over your current college essay questions, then brainstorm ideas as to how to best begin and structure your essay. We'll together find that hook, that special theme. You'll then write a first draft and send it to me. I'll make corrections and edits.

We'll together read/go over/walk through your corrected essay and talk-through how to specifically make it better. This will include content, but also sentence structure and style as well. You'll then rewrite it and send it to me. I'll make corrections and edits.

We'll together go over this 2nd draft. You'll then rewrite/create a final draft.

We'll make any final adjustments together if necessary, and start the process all over for the next essay question.

(This may not take 4 full sessions and can be expedited if student works faster. We could also work on multiple essays at a time.)

Be A Better Student

 I will walk you through my tried and tested system to excel in school. We'll first get you using the system, then we'll walk through the details. You'll find yourself well-prepared for any upcoming papers and/or tests. You can excel if you put your mind to it!

For Teachers

The goal here is to improve your class, make it downright top-notch, and we'll use the 7 Principles of a Top-Notch Class, the 7 Principles of Top-Notch Class Management, and the    Top-Notch Process of Renewal and Inspiration to do it. We can do this any way you want, either by addressing particular issues you're having, or by going through the principles and, one by one, brainstorming how you can specifically do better in every facet of your class. I've been doing this a long time, and I go through the process myself continually. I look forward to helping you grow and excel. More top-notch classes means a more top-notch world!

For Students
For Teachers
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